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Artist: Paola Bennet
Track: "The Rains of Castamere (Cover)"
Plays: 129,197 plays


I haven’t approached GoT from a musical standpoint since my original song for the Red Wedding, so I thought it was high time I did so again.

Here’s my take on the chilling Rains of Castamere.



people saying Cicero is the Adoring Fan

There’s like a 200 year gap, so unless Cicero is a daedra, I don’t think that’s possible. Perhaps related, though. 

also there was obviously another arena champion after the hero of kvatch so its like ://

I’m going to say it’s an easter egg. Specially since Cicero says in his journal that he killed the champion and left him for the bears. 

well shit

I did it for the greater good, kid. 


and suddenly it all made sense.

((I imagine that the half naked courier was just a striptease sent by a secret admirer.))

"Your hands only"

(Source: nakedcourier)

and suddenly it all made sense.

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